The Bavarian Club

Gebirgstracht Erhaltungs Verein Chiemgau, Windsor

Carrousel 2016

The 2016 Carrousel of Nations would not be the same without a German Village so the Bavarian Club decided to continue the tradition and start the 1st Bavarian Village for this years festival. Opening up their newly acquired home in Ford City for all to come out and experience Germany like never before with the recently renovated outdoor beer garden, live music, with a great line up of traditional food and beverages.  The hall has hosted a Carrousel Village in previous years and was once home to the Slovainian Club of Windsor. It is now operated as Heimat Windsor Banquet Centre, which will be the only German hall in the city.

The members of the Bavarian Club are no strangers to putting on a great Festival as they are currently preparing for their annual Maifest celebration on May the 7th. We are opening up an additional monitored and fenced parking lot just around the corner to make your stay a little easier for all major events. If you have any questions please call us at 519 915-9821 or email us at

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The Bavarian Village committee is look forward to this years Carrousel of Nations, June 17th, 18th ,24th and 25th and hope you stop by for a visit.


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